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About Us

El Camino Coffee Roasters came to life in 2018. With a passion for coffee and people, Ronda and Lorenzo began a journey to produce quality coffee while connecting with small farmers around the world who produce green coffee as a way of life. El Camino is proud to be an "all in one" business. Offering not only roasted coffee, but also cuppings, complete barista training, HR training, and tech services including equipment and part sales.

Lorenzo's journey with specialty coffee began in 2013 with an interest and turned into a job in 2014. He began working at a family owned cafe in Turlock, Ca as a barista. In 2017 he started at a new cafe in Modesto, Ca where he became general manager. In 2018 he had the opportunity to learn from the best at Boot Coffee and gained the fundamentals of roasting coffee. From that point on he has been roasting for El Camino and continues to learn to improve every batch. In 2022 he expanded his knowledge by attending Work Bench Coffee Labs in Kansas City, MO where he learned to work on different types of coffee equipment in an effort to start El Camino's tech service side. 


Ronda has always enjoyed coffee and has been on many trips to Colombia, the 3rd biggest suppliers of coffee in the world. In 2017 Ronda had an opportunity to not only visit but work on a coffee farm in Colombia. There she learned how much work went into harvesting green coffee and getting it ready to send over seas all over the world to roasters. Months later while in Seattle she decide to go to Coffee Fest and learned so much about the retail and consumer side of specialty coffee. Soon after that she connected with Lorenzo and they started El Camino Coffee Roasters.

Since starting they have been able to travel and attend expos to expand their knowledge of the coffee world to keep serving their customers as well as the farmers they work with through Royal Coffee Importers. 

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